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I'm holding out for a hero...

Amy, my cousin and fellow romance fan, and I compiled a list of our top ten favorite heroes in fiction and movies. Do you agree or disagree? a line and let us know what you think. 

10. HUGH GRANT in About A Boy ~ Okay, we know he did not have too big of a romantic role in this film, but he looked so darned cute with his floppy hair gone. Of course, the accent is always a plus.
09. RUSSELL CROWE in Gladiator ~ There is something to be said for a half naked man fighting for his life in an arena. Once again, the accent got us.
08. COLIN FIRTH in Bridget Jones' Diary ~ Are you noticing a theme here with the accents? But the moment that got us was at the end of the movie when he wrapped his coat around a half naked Renee Zellweger. How gentlemanly!
07. DANTE DUCLAIR in Madeline Hunter's The Sinner ~ What more do we need to say about a hero whose book is titled The Sinner? Pretty much self-explanatory.
06. RICHARD GERE in An Officer and a Gentleman ~ Ooh, baby! Where do we begin? Perhaps the men in uniform? Or maybe the push-ups in the rain? Whatever the reason, me and Amy are definitely fans.
05. COLE CLAYBORNE in Julie Garwood's Come the Spring ~ All the Clayborne's made great heroes, but the brother that caught our attention immediately was Cole. When they first found Mary Rose, he was the one to change her nappy and insist that they give her the best life they could. He was only a child then, but the fact that he grew into a sexy gunslinger only increased our admiration.
04. BRAD PITT in Troy ~ If you have not seen this movie, you missed some serious eye candy. Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom were pretty to look at also, but no one could compare to Brad's near nakedness throughout the entire flick. (Yes, I freely admit that I went and saw this movie three times. What can I say? I am a fan of Greek Mythology!)
03. BRAND MALLOREN in Jo Beverly's Tempting Fortune ~ I have probably read this book ten times. I love the entire Malloren series, but Brand takes the cake. He could win me in an auction anytime.
02. MARCUS KINGSLEY in Christy's A Most Dangerous Affair ~ You might think it odd that I put my hero second, but my number one is a collection of four brothers. No single hero can withstand that test. That said, you will have to check out my new novel as soon as it becomes available to see why me and Amy chose him as our second best hero.
01. The Bridgerton Brothers in Julia Quinn's Bridgerton Series ~ Anthony, the heir. Benedict, the artist. Colin, the writer. Gregory, the youngest. Amy tends to favor Anthony, while I am a huge fan of Colin. But we are eagerly awaiting Gregory's story, which I am sure will make us fall in love with a completely new Bridgerton. All have humor, good looks, and just enough attitude to earn our number one spot.

Not quite driving a chariot, but Brad still manages to set our hearts aflutter.

What's that? You wanna go for a ride? Us, too!

Few of you may realize this, but that is actually ME that Colin is looking at so intently.

Alright, I admit it. That is not me that Colin is looking at, but it could happen. After all, I am blonde.