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Cat Hunting?

I was reading the MSN home page today and came across some very disturbing news. Wisconsin is currently debating over legalized cat hunting. My immediate reaction was....well, I suppose I better not print my immediate reaction. What's even worse is that two mid-western states have already legalized it. Although most people know I am a dog lover, the thought of cats being hunted disgusted me. Hunting anything at all is bad enough, but cats? Pretty, little, furry, cuddly kitties? (Of course, I literally will not kill a fly. I have even been known to save the hapless creatures from spider webs.) 
Now, to be fair, the cat killing bill only pertains to feral cats (those without collars, are wild, and possibly dangerous). The promoters of the bill gave numbers, stating that X amount of songbirds are killed per year by feral cats.
That said, let me give you my own personal reason for hating this bill. Last Thanksgiving, my kitty Patchy Man escaped from an open window. Since then, Patchy has been seen around my neighborhood, but we have not been able to get him back. Patchy was a house cat. As such, he did not wear a collar. In addition, Patchy is neutered and de-clawed. Now imagine a hunter coming upon Patchy. Would the hunter take the time to figure this out or shoot away? To know if a cat is fixed, you have to get pretty close. Living in Alabama, I know the thrill of the hunt some men get (I am talking to all you deer hunters out there. One word....Bambi!), so I don't see this happening.
So, in honor of my "wild" kitty Patchy, I am in total opposition of this bill.  Cats have been wild for years, so have birds. Besides, there is a reason that birds have wings. Right?

If you want to contribute to the anti-kitty hunting movement, please visit dontshootthecat.com and let your voice be heard.