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Q & A with Beth Williamson

Christy (tapping mic): Is this thing on? (clears throat) Okay, we're rolling. Today, ladies and gentlemen, we have with us, Beth Williamson. Beth is a writer for Liquid Silver Books, specializing in all things western. Cowboys are the name of her game and she likes them rough and tough. Join me now as I delve into the mind of Beth Williamson in an attempt to discover what this Muse has up her sleeve.

1. What was the first book you recall reading? Any favorite authors from childhood? The Princess and the Pea. I was about five. I loved that book. Favorite authors from childhood? Funny thing is I don't remember really being into reading until middle school. From then on, I read lots of my mother's romance novels (Harlequin), Stephen King, Robin Cook, and John Saul. I was really into horror books as a teenager.
2. When did you first begin to write? Tell us a bit about your early works, published or hidden in File 13. Third grade. I wrote poetry for my third grade teacher, Ms. Freudenberg, and she told my parents I wrote "lovely poetry". From that moment on, I was a writer. It was like a click between my imagination and my abilities. Early works.... I was in college in the Dramatic Writing program at NYU. I have a box full of scripts - play, tv, and film - that probably suck eggs. My first romance novel was called Oregon. I know that one sucks. *shrugs* But hey, I got better!
3. Boxers or briefs? ;) Depends on my mood. Briefs if I want to be tempted by the nooks and crannies in the package. Boxers if I want to do some exploring to find the package. ;)
4. Tell us a bit about your writing. Which genres, time periods, etc? Do you write sweet or hot romances? Most people know that I have a "thang" for cowboys. I find the quintessential cowboy to be the sexiest thing on the planet. My first three books are westerns, set in 1880s. I wrote my first contemporary, The Harder They Fall, which is coming out from Loose Id in December. It still has a cowboy for a hero though - LOL! I definitely write hot romances. The more I write, the hotter I seem to get. I am spreading my wings, so to speak, in the bedroom.
5. Do you have a favorite character from your own writing? If so, which is it and why? Favorite character would have to be Tyler from The Bounty. He's hard, cynical, big (formidable even), dark, and really fast with a gun. He is my ideal man. I love alpha males with a bad boy attitude, so I can have a strong heroine knock him on his ass.
6. If you could be the heroine from any of your books, which would it be and why? Oooh, that's a tough question. All my heroines have a bit of me in them. I'd probably want to be Nicky, Tyler's wife from The Bounty, so I could get him in bed with me. Damn, it all seems to be about sex! Really though, she is a strong, smart woman with brass balls and the will to go after what she wants.
7. Which of your heroes would you most likely end up in bed with? LOL! Probably Hermano (Malcolm) from The Reward. He has got to be the sexiest, intense hero I've ever written. Geez, writing that book about wore DH out *wink*. Malcolm is a very emotionally intense man, who feels things way down deep inside. When he expresses himself, it's as intense as he is.
8. Tell us about your current/upcoming releases. Okay, I have The Reward, coming from Liquid Silver Books in October, and The Harder They Fall, coming from Loose Id on December 13. The Reward is book 3 in the Malloy family series. The first two, The Bounty and The Prize, are available from LSB.
9. What's up next for Beth Williamson? The Outlaw's Virgin, an anthology I'm writing with you (Robin Danner) called Vixen Virgins, hopefully released in early 2006. I am also slated to work on a timetravel western romance with Celia Stuart called Santa Fe Spirits. Currently working on The Treasure, book 4 in the Malloy family series, The Education of Madeline a full-length erotic romance set in Colorado, and then there are the Muse anthologies... I am Clio. :)
10. Anything you'd like to add? I know this probably sounds cliche, but I love to hear from readers. When my stories touch someone's life, whether to laugh, cry, get mad, or get hot and bothered, I know that I've done my job. My writing is me - it is part of who I am - when I can evoke an emotion and touch my reader, you are part of me, too.

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To learn more about Beth, visit her at  www.bethwilliamson.com or Behind the Muses.