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Q & A with Kara Griffin

This month we have Kara Griffin, Jersey Girl and fellow Triskelion writer. Kara is a recent convert to "hotter" romance, although her first love is historicals...especially those oh-so-sexy kilt-wearing Scots. And we're rolling....

1. Tell us a little about Kara,  the person.
My mom tells me I haven't changed since I was born.  A little aloof, creative...basically I was a pain in her rear. lol.  I suppose I still am, but now I have a husband and 3 daughters to drive crazy. One thing I think has changed, is I've grown quieter and look at my surroundings more, observe people more.  I guess that's the writer in me.  I don't get much free time, so when I do, I usually try to write.  Otherwise, I'm carpooling teenagers around town. lol.
2. Now tell us more about Kara, the author.  When did you write your first book? Any favorite genres?
I've been writing about 4 years now.  At first, I did it for enjoyment, and like the creative outlet.  Now, I'm very serious about my writing.  I want to write stories that people will remember or smile at.  My absolute FAV genre is historical.  There's something about reverting back in time that draws me in.  I can't get enough historicals!
3. You live in New Jersey.  Has your home town been the setting for any of your books?
NJ is a nice state to live in, if you like 4 seasons. lol.  I haven't based any of my stories here yet.  I just may.  Unfortunately, I live in a sleepy town where nothing exciting happens.  But, I can cross the bridge to Philadelphia, where there's tons of action.
4. If you could live one day as any character from your books,  which would it be and why?
I'd have to say Kaitlin Stanhope.  I think there's a lot of me in her.  Maybe that's why I gave her a cat -- my cat, named Trixie.  I'd like to be a "good" witch where I could help people.  And of course, because she gets to be with Brendan MacKinnon, my favorite hero!
5. Some of your works are based in Scotland. Have you ever visited this country? Why is Scotland a favorite of yours?
I so want to visit Scotland, and my husband assures me, when the kids are all grown, we can go.  I can't wait!  There's so much mystery and allure in Scotland.  There's the rich history, the magical realm of their highlands, the determination of the people to remain free, and all the myths.  If I can add those elements to my stories--that makes me really happy.
6. You've recently branched into futuristics.  Tell us a bit more about Cosmic Hearts.
Writing historicals can be difficult because you must make sure you're accurate.  When I ventured into the futuristic genre, I felt so free.....because who knows what's going to happen in the future.  Ahhh, the freedom of creativity.  I've really enjoyed that most of all.  Cosmic Hearts is a zany far-out story about a king who must find another planet to live on.  He chooses a planet named after the vestal virgins, Vestalumbria.  There's many scientific facts in the story, i.e. two galaxies meshing together, which is actually happening right now.  Also, did you know that astronauts must take calcium tables when in space?  Bones become weaker in space and they need the supplement.  Of course, I had to add that in the story. lol.
7. Boxers or briefs?
I prefer a kilt with nothing under it.  But, maybe briefs cause they support and *fanning self* what was the question again?
8. Describe your idea of the perfect hero. Which real life person best fits his description?
Oh, drat, this is a hard one.  My hero would have to be obstinate.  Why?  Because he would have to be to handle me.  I like a hero who knows what he wants and does whatever it takes to get it.  A little rough around the edges!  Hmm, which person best resembles him??  I wish I could say my husband, lol, but I walk all over him. <g>  He's just too nice and sweet.  I'd have to say Mel Gipson as William Wallace.  He was sweet, yet bold and obstinate.  Now if I could be the kind of kickass heroine to attract him.....  Well, that's a different question.  lol.
9. What's up next for Kara Griffin? You recently mentioned your desire to write spicier romance. Still planning to do that?
There's lots going on with me!  I'm currently working on my sequel to Cosmic Hearts.  Then, it's off to start a series of books about the Shallcross sisters, historical/paranormals.  I'm very excited about writing them, and I've been getting visuals of scenes already!  Can't wait.  Yes, I'm writing a spicy story for Midnight Showcase.  It's really difficult for me, because I'm blushing while writing it. lol.  I'm using the more erotic terms and giggling while I'm at in.  I just hope everyone enjoys it.
10. What is something about you that most would be surprised to learn?
Honestly, everyone always says that I'm very kind and sweet.  I think because I'm small, people tend to think of me as a kid or that they can take advantage of me.  *snickers* to paraphrase Tweety Bird, they don't know me wery well do they.......lol.  I'm pretty feisty when something is dear to me, like children, or matters I'm passionate about.  I'm first in line to defend anyone.

Kara's debut futuristic Coming Soon!

To learn more about Kara, visit her at www.karagriffin.com or Behind the Muses.