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Q & A with Sarah Dickson

This month we vamp it up with Sarah "Saucy from Aussie" Dickson.

1. Most people that know you're from Australia. Tell us more about the place you live.

I live in South East Queensland and most of the year it’s warm and pleasant. Summer can be stinkers, hot and humid. Living near the beach helps. When I crawl out of the air-conditioned office in the late afternoon, I’ll sneak down to the beach and walk the dogs. It’s also very relaxing here. People don’t rush and it’s not uncommon to chat to people I don’t even know while walking the dogs.

2.  With Lily, you started a vampire series.  Care to share any details from the upcoming books?

There are 5 books in the series. All feature a whore from the Establishment, a brothel where Lily and her girls conduct business to wealthy gentlemen. Its based in 1850 London and is set in places that I have visited when I lived there. Well, maybe not all the places as Wych Street no longer exists.

 The other women who are covered in later books are Maeve (who will have her story released March next year) then Constance followed by Anna and lastly? I don’t know yet, I’m still thinking about her identity.

Maeve and Hubert are in book 2, an unlikely combination to say the least.

3. Does your interest in painting/photographing landscapes translate to your writing? As in, have you ever used one of the scenes you captured in your books?

  Re painting, not at all. I can’t do portraits to save myself. Photos, not really either. I guess it’s an alter ego thing. The main source of places for me are places I have visited, or end up coming from my imagination.

4. Tell us more about Arien, your first release with Triskelion.

 Arien is the only romance novel I have written, ie not erotica.

 The story came about from a combination of dreams and strange experiences. One in particular inspired the time travel part of the story. What happened is I went to these ruins where I sensed another presence nearby. It was a woman who walked in a garden. For a few brief seconds, I felt as if I were her, then it passed. I took Ikara and made her end up briefly in the body of another woman who existed 2,000 years prior.

 Arien was also a complex book to write. I have been asked by one reviewer if there will be a sequel. Maybe, but not in the next year. I have too many other stories I need to write first.

5. Boxers or briefs?

On the DH? Boxers natch. *VBG*

6. If you could travel to only one setting described in your books, which would it be and why?

 Cyprus, but I have already been there and it was what inspired the main setting for Arien.  The white walled buildings, mirror blue oceans and sands. Imagine flowers in boom and fragrant gardens in the moonlight. It’s hot and sultry and you and he are admiring the view.

7. You mentioned that you belong to Romance Writers of Australia. Do you feel this has helped you as a writer?

Most definitely. I met my crit buddy, Amy O’ Connor at such a function for one thing. Another is the support. You are recognized as a published writer even if you are in e-books. The conferences are also fabulous. Aside from good networking, the workshops are great. The Donald Mass was superb and as a result I am doing a rework of my fantasy novel.

8. Have you ever had a dream where your character(s) appeared?

Yavo, most definitely. Redemption (coming out soon at Extasybooks) was inspired from a weird dream about using abstract sexual imagery in art.

I have another futuristic series (not yet written as I need to get the world building sorted to fit the series properly) in progress. The ideas for the first two books came from dreams and I need to have three more stories to go. After each dream I write down the story so I don’t forget. 

9. Which of your heroes do you think is the most drool worthy?

I find it a tough one but I do like Esterol. He’s my cheekiest character but his heart is in the right place.


10. We're about to wrap it up, but before we go, do you have anything you would like to add?

That I have only had my first novel published in June this year, yet it feels like ages ago. I wonder if other authors have that feeling.