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Q & A with Cyndi Redding

Cyndi is new to the Triskelion family, but has been with LSB for a while now. In celebration of her joining the Trisk family, I chose her to be my February interviewee. Keep reading if you're ready for laughter!

1.    You have a very interesting line-up of books, most with a comedic slant, but all vastly different. To a person just discovering Cyndi Redding, which work best reveals your style?

I’m glad you asked. Like many writers, my style has evolved. Liquid Silver Books has my earliest stuff. I began with suspense, but couldn’t resist using humor when a character had an opportunity to make a quip or fire off a snappy comeback. It graduated to more and more banter. As a result, readers and reviewers began complimenting my sense of humor and created a monster. Muuuuahahahaha. Venus Press has my first “I meant to do that” comedic stories. Now, with Triskelion I have 2 erotic comedy novels coming. The first of which is Do Me Again, and it’s being released next month! March of 2006.

2.    I'm always interested in learning about different places. Tell us about your hometown.

Did you know I pen-named myself after my hometown or was that just psychic of you? I grew up in Reading, Massachusetts. I had to misspell it though, or people would wonder about an author named "reading." LOL. It's a commuting suburb, or what they call a "bedroom town" north of Boston. It's a typical old New England town with tree-lined streets, churches, the grassy common in the center of town, and some very old homes that Paul Revere rode by. I grew up in one of those homes and went to school with his kids. LOL. Just kidding.


3.  For the Sons of Zeus line at Venus Press, you chose Dionysus. Can we take this to mean you're a wine aficionado?

No, although I really like a glass of Riesling right about now. Chateau Saint Michael, please. I chose the God of wine, women and party, because I thought he’d be a fun character to write. I had just returned from a vacation in New Orleans where I began brainstorming the plot, and the story poured out of me in 3 weeks! Of course I was still just sobering up at the time, so it's pretty wild. LOL

4.  Since we're talking Greek mythology, if you could be a goddess for a day, which would it be and why?

Interesting question! Athena has always been my favorite. Goddess of wisdom and war--and patron of writers! I think it might be fun to kick butt where a good swift kick is needed, as long as it’s only for a day and I’m really wise enough to know who to kick. I’m really more of a pacifist.

  5.  Out of the Broom Closet is one of the coolest titles I've ever seen. How did you come up with it?

LOL, you’re asking so many insightful questions, and I have such poor answers for you. I had heard the expression and loved it too. The Wiccan community often refers to “coming out of the broom closet” as the experience of telling their families about their religious preference. Nothing like that happens in the book though. The heroine’s step-dad doesn’t understand it and pokes fun every now and then, but he has known about it for some time. If anything, the book was my own coming out of the closet. The heroine's beliefs are mine, and whether you want to call it The Golden Rule or The Witch's Rede, the meaning is the same. She won't use spells to harm another--even the stalker using black magic against her. Just protecting herself isn’t enough and she’s afraid her boyfriend/bodyguard will be harmed.  In her case, she needs to come out of the broom closet and come out fighting!

  6.  Boxers or briefs?

I’m more interested in what’s underneath. LOL. I hope my sense of humor doesn't get me into trouble for saying that.

  7.  From your writing and posts about the 'net, I've determined that you're a bit of a comedienne. If performing stand-up was your gig, what would be the theme of your first solo act?

After just returning from vacation, I'd have to do the dumb blonde at the airport shtick. "Hey, do you really have to take my nail file? Would you settle for an emery board?"

  8.   You've recently signed with Triskelion. Tell us about Do Me Again, which is set to hit Trisk's shelves in the spring.

I love this one. It’s my most off-the-wall erotic comedy, so far, and was originally my second screenplay.  It’s been called, “Mel Brooks meets romance.” The story’s an erotic fantasy spoof on reincarnation. Basically, the blurb begins: "What do immortals do when they're bored to death?" For the whole summary, the reader can visit my website and see the “coming soon” teaser. When I saw that Triskelion had a taste for what they call “Trisklet” (“chic-lit” for the paranormal subgenre) I was thrilled. That’s what I love to write most!

  9.  What's up next for Cyndi Redding? Is there anything you'd like to add?

Oh, yes! I’m working on lots of new treats for my readers! I've begun submitting my latest comedic novel, Heaving Bosoms, to publishers and agents. It's been winning writing contests, and I even had an editor request the full manuscript after judging one of those contests. If that goes over well, I have plans for a sequel called Quivering Thighs.  (I know. I’m completely nuts when it comes to my titles.)

Currently I'm writing another book for Triskelion, which will be available in print as well as e-book this summer. It’s part of their Still Single Sexy Ladies series. These books are based upon a group of single, successful women who cannot find men their equals. Most men pass over the older (late thirties) women in favor of the twenty-somethings.

One Friday night they get together at a bar, and after a few too many drinks decide to try to summon some immortals instead. Each book has a different immortal answering the call of one of the woman. Mine is based on Mona Nichols, probably the wackiest of the group since she came up with the idea. They picked the right person to write it, didn’t they? LOL. It’s called Vampire Vintage. I’ll get a teaser for that one on my website after Do Me Again is released.

10.   Where can readers find out more about you?

or any of my publishers. 
www.liquidsilverbooks.com, www.venuspress.com, and www.triskelionpublishing.com

*And just for the record...in my writing, my characters are often quick-witted, snarky, smart asses. They can be sarcastic, brutally honest and politically incorrect in ways I’d never dare to be! The point of which is to entertain readers with some of their own unvoiced opinions.


Don't we all wish we could blurt out a snappy comeback or quip something just plain crazy and get away with it? But in real life I'm not like that. Believe it or not, I can't even talk dirty. My husband insists he’s gonna get me to do it, though.  I love him tons, but…  Well, we’ll see.

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