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Q & A with Sasha White

For St Paddy's month, the obvious author to interview was sexy bartender by night, Sasha White. Sash's writing career is hopping and if you've been by her website, you know this girl is a hoot. Join me as we find out what this Canadian Muse has up her sleeve.

1. Tell us about Transplant, your latest release with AQP.  
TRANSPLANT is the sequel to ABDUCTION, my very first Science Fiction story, about an Earth Man who gets abducted by a female Spaceship Captain to live on a female dominated planet as a "transplant". It picks up right where the first one left off, but is also completely able to stand alone.  
2. We're all excited about your upcoming Kensington eroticas. What do you have planned with them?  
First up is THE CRIB, an edgy tale about a female private investigator who goes sort of undercover in a biker bar. That will be part of the PURE SEX anthology in July. Then in October it is THE COP anthology, and it'll include a story from me about a female thief, the man that wants to catch her, and a glimpse into the world of alternative nightclubs. After that I have LUSH, a three in one single author anthology that will be released in 2007. It's three novellas that center around an art gallery that specializes in erotic art. Those haven't been written yet, they're next up on my "to do" list. :)  
3. Do you feel that moving from e-book to print format has any effect on your writing?  
Nope. Especially since I was print published several times with Black Lace before I ever went to ebooks. People don't really pay attention to that because I started with short stories, and in erotica, most short story anthologies aren't sold on author names, but publisher names, therefore my name never really got out until I started ePublishing. Make sense?  LOL  
Basically, I write. It doesn't matter if it for electronic or print. I try to do my best with each story. The only real difference is my NY print stories are longer because NY publishers have stricter word count guidelines than most epublishers.  
4. Your Secret Thoughts e-magazine is a hoot. What's a secret thought you've had that you've yet to share with anyone?  
Huh! You expect me to share it now?? LOL  
Ok . uhmm let me think. Hmmm a secret thought I've yet to share? Geez,  between my blog and the ezine I think I've said all I'll ever say. LOL  
5. The Devil Inside has one of my favorite covers. Will you tell us more about this one?  
Oh, I love Gina and Caleb.  
TDI is my first dip into paranormal. Gina's a free spirited psychic and Caleb is the conservative nonbeliever. They hook up through a blind date mix up, that Gina actually takes advantage of, and things get steamy very fast. This is a novella, and I've got the sequel outlined and ready to go...and I plan to do something special with it...so when I have news..I'll be quick to share!!  
6. Boxers or briefs? ;)  
Boxerbriefs. Love the yummy cling factor, but the more coverage is such a sexy tease.  
7. In your blog, you often talk about being single and your work as a bartender. Has there been any changes in the dating scene recently? (You know me. I like getting personal.)  
God. I wish there's been a change. LOL. I completely give up at times and others I decide to try and get out there more. Part of me thinks the right man will come along, another part of me thinks I need to go out and find him then another part thinks staying single is the best. (I have a lot of parts. *wink* )  It feels like the scene never really changes, just my own tolerance of it.  
8. Just read your bio. So you have a single brother, eh? Just kidding! Real question, you talk about traveling. What's the favorite city you've visited?  
Strangely enough. Jasper, Alberta. Not to far from where I live, it's a small town set right in the middle of the Canadian Rockies and it's amazingly beautiful. My favorite place anywhere on earth. One day I'll write a story based there. It'll be a bestseller just because my love for the place will shine through. *smile*  
9. Thelma and Louise you state as your favorite movie. In the pic on your bio, it reminds me of Geena Davis in the movie. Curly hair, sunglasses. With that brilliant tie-in (LOL), what?s your take on Brad Pitt?  

In the movie Thelma and Louise he was Yummy. I enjoy most of his movies, He seems to be a good guy. But I'm not what you would call a huge fan. LOL I'd take Dwayne Johnson or Karl Urban over him ANYDAY!!  
10. What's up next for Sasha White and where can readers learn more about you?  
Oh Lord. What's up? Hmm Ok the Kensington erotica romances we talked  about. GYPSY HEART, my first erotic romance ever, will be re-released by Samhain publishing in April, I have a few more short stories (sci-fi and Paranormal) in mind for Amber Quill Press. I have a single title mainstream erotica with Berkley being released in July.  
I have so many plans still, but I think thats all I'm ready to talk about for now. LOL  
Readers can learn more than they ever wanted to know about me by visiting my website, my BLOG in particular, and by signing up for the Secret Thoughts ezine. Between those things, I really think I have no secrets anymore. Well, Ok, I always have secrets...lol but thats why they're secrets. *wink*

To learn more about Sasha, visit www.sashawhite.net.