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Q & A with Maggie Nash

For April, I sat down with Maggie Nash, one of the Aussie Muses, to find out about life Down Under and what's next for this Trisk writer.

 1. In your bio, I read about Sam, your poodle. Since you know I'm a sucker for dog tales, tell us more about Sam.

Sam is a 4 year old black miniature poodle who, like most poodle, thinks she a human.  She believes, and rightly so, that she deserves the same treatment as the kids. *vbg*.  The fastest thing on 4 legs when the cheese comes out of the fridge.  She always knows, no matter where she is, when someone is cutting up cheese.  She appears at my feet sitting up at attention patiently awaiting her share.

2. You're one of the Aussie Muses, currently residing in beautiful Sydney. Please share with us your favorite spot in Australia.

I would have to say my dream is to retire to a beautiful beach and write full time.  The most beautiful beach I have ever been to is Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island, off the north east coast and not far from the Great Barrier Reef.  The only problem is that no one is allowed to live there?.it?s famous for the whitest beach sand, and the water is such a beautiful blue, but there are no buildings, although some people have been known to camp there.  Oh well, it is a dream after all? 

  1. Your first book, Crash and Burn, is getting rave reviews. As a first time writer, how does that make you feel?

I was absolutely terrified at the though of someone reviewing my work.  I was positive they would say it was the worst thing they had read all year and suggest I don?t give up my day job.  I was so excited to get 4?s and 5?s for my first reviews and quotes like ?Ms Nash?s deft writing? and ?Couldn?t put it down? were so amazing to see.  I know reviews aren?t supposed to mean that much in sales, but having your work publicly praised and validated creates a feeling like no other.  I love reviews!  Thanks to all you wonderful reviewers out there!  Of course, I was lucky.  I?ve seen some reviewers trash the same book others rave about, so I know it?s just a subjective view.  Still, there is nothing like getting a favorable review!

 4. Since we're on the subject of Crash, tell us more about this entertaining story.

Crash is a romantic suspense, and some have called it erotic, although it?s rated Inferno.  It is set in Australia in both Sydney and Canberra.  Beth, the heroine, witness a murder, but due to an injury in the resulting train crash, she can?t remember what she saw.  Daniel is a federal agent who is sworn to protect her when the murderer comes after her to stop her from regaining her memory.

 5. In it, your characters visit a strip show. Is this something you've done in your personal life?

Oh yes, I suppose I should fess up.  Several years ago I did go to a strip show in Kings Cross, where this one is set, but the one I saw didn?t have a couple on stage like the one in the book.  I remember thinking that the girls were so vulnerable up there on stage with these young men sitting up front whistling and leering.


6. I recently found out that Air Supply, one of my favorite eighties band, is from Australia. To satisfy my curiosity, which is your favorite song from them?

Love and Other Bruises?I still sing it in the shower?*grins*

7. Any upcoming projects you care to share?

?Deep Cover? is a novella coming out in June in the UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL anthology with Triskelion.  The muse story is done, but we have no definite date for that one yet.  I am also working on another project with my Aussie author buddies.  That one will be a 2007 release.  There are a couple of other projects I have started that I must finish too, including another romantic suspense novel.

8. Boxers or briefs?

Definitely satin boxers!

9. Your muse, Terpischore, is the muse of dance. Is dancing something you enjoy?

I like dancing, but I don?t do it as much as I used to. I need to lose more weight!

10. Is there anything you would like to add? Where can readers find out more about Maggie Nash?

I am just redoing my website so you can check that out at http://www.maggienash.com  Drop me a line and tell me what you think.