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Q & A with Sydney Somers

May...flowers blooming, birds singing, and hot couples running for their lives. This month, I put Sydney Somers and her action packed romances under the magnifying glass.

1. You recently completed the last book in Triskelion's Watchtower series. Did you find it more difficult than your previous contribution?
Yes and no.  After three other books in this series, there's some pressure involved in dong the last book justice.  So when I wasn't agonizing over wanting to make it a really strong finish for the series, I was thrilled to revisit characters that both Lucynda and I brought to life with the first Watchtowers books.
2. You cover several genres of romance. Do you have a favorite? If so, which is it and why?
My favorite is whatever one I'm working on at the moment. <g> So right now it's paranormal.   
3. I've read Trust Me, which was action packed. Is this typical of your books? Which of your heroines is the most kick ass?
With the excerption of my shorter erotic contemporaries, most of my stuff has a lot of action.  I'm big on chapter cliffhangers that I hope make it so the reader has a hard time putting the book down.  As for kick ass heroines... I just can't choose.  Most of my heroines tend to be the "kick ass and ask questions later" kind of women to some degree and I love them all for different reasons. 

4. In your bio, I saw that you have a "menagerie". Care to share the names and descriptions of your pets?
Bailey - Golden Retriever
Tom and Jerri - Siamese Cats
And a tank full of fish.
Not exactly a full blown menagerie, but throw in two active little boys and a pain in the butt husband and the place feels like a zoo.
5. What's up next for Sydney Somers? 
Lots and lots of writing.  LOL  Publishing wise, I think my next release due out is the first in my witch/warlock series - Spellbound : Say You're Mine.  That releases in July from Samhain Publishing
6. Tell us about your hometown.
I live on the outskirts of Fredericton, a great small city, and close to a very large military base, so there isn't a shortage of male inspiration. <g> The city is on the river and I love the water, so it's nice to slip out of the house in the evening and just walk along the trail that borders it.

7. Boxers or briefs?
Can I go with loin cloth?  LOL  Definitely Boxers. 

8. You're one of the driving forces behind the Trisk author's Harem Raids. Curious minds have to know. When is the next one? And for anyone who may not be familiar, do you want to inform them of the purpose for the Raids?
If I told you when the next Raid was, it would only get back to Gail and then she'd lock the place down. LOL.  The Harem is where the executive editor at Triskelion, Gail, keeps all the heroes from our books.  One day she made a crack about it being impenetrable and someone said we should break in and steal the heroes back.  It sort of snowballed from there.  Still no success as of yet, but there's always hope and lots of determination.

9. I would love to hear more about your Shadow Destroyers series coming soon to NCP. Can you fill us in?
I'm very excited about this one actually, and am really, really enjoying writing the first book.  It's paranormal, a demon slaying series.  In the first book, my heroine, Jordan, leads a bit of a double life, cop by day, demon hunter by night.  The hero, Gage, is a Shadow Destroyer, an agent trained to hunt down hostiles that cross into this realm. The two have a history and now have to work together to stop a series of sacrifical murders.   

10. Is there anything you would like to add? Where can more information be found on the ever delightful Sydney Somers?
 Thanks so much for the interview, Christy.  Readers can find more info about my current and upcoming releases by popping over to my website - http://www.sydneysomers.com