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Q & A with Sable Grey

This month, we have Sable Grey, writer and artist extraordinnaire, who wears many hats in the publishing field. Join me as we get to the bottom of what makes Sable tick.

1. Tell us a bit about Sable Grey.

Well I’m married, celebrating our 9th anniversary on July 19th.   I’m a stay at home author, artist, and Aquarius.  My favorite romance genre is historical and I’m a movie fanatic.  My all time favorite actress is Shirley McClain…and of the women in Steel Magnolia’s I’m most like Weeza.  Ornery, tacky style, big purses, and a dog I would drag everywhere with me if I could – I’d definitely give him a kidney if he needed it.


2. I have to say I love the title for Christy's Ghost (wink wink). Will you give us a brief description and the inspiration for this work?

Christy’s Ghost came about when my mother suggested I write a time travel.  I’d never written one before so I decided to give it a go.  I have to say the most difficult thing was the switching between dialogues.  Oddly, historical dialogue is much easier for me to write but when I had to switch back and forth, it became really tricky.

This book is currently available at Loose Id: http://www.loose-id.com/

Just when they are content with the fact that their lives will never be the same they once were, they are catapulted back into their previous situations. Can they find their ways back to the men they love or will they be forced to think of the passion they found as only dreams.

3. You recently opened a publishing company with Deanna Lee. How has this affected your writing? What can readers expect from Cobblestone Press?

Cobblestone Press has pretty much made me work to find time to write.  LOL  But all the hard work in running the company really is worth it.  Deanna Lee and I both had the same dream for Cobblestone Press – to offer quality and class to readers.  We publish mainstream, sensual, and erotic romance and are very very picky about what we accept.  Upcoming events include our big OctoberFest where for the entire month of October Cobblestone Press will only be publishing paranormal and Halloween books.  You can check this out and more at http://www.cobblestone-press.com

4. You also do cover art. Are you allowed to do your own books and, if so, which is your favorite cover and why?


I’ve been fortunate enough to have the chance to do some of my own cover art.  My favorite cover?  That’s difficult.  I guess my favorite cover that I’ve done for my own books is the cover for my mainstream fantasy, The King’s Sword, published at Titan Press (http://www.titanpress.net/).  

5. What's coming next from Sable Grey?

I’m writing a Halloween story that I plan on submitting to Cobblestone Press.  Yes, even the owners have to go through the submission process and yes, there is a chance I could be rejected.  LOL  We like to be fair at Cobblestone.

6. Briefs and boxers?

I feel that undergarments are torture devices devised to punish women with curves.  I mean, have you ever tried to adjust under wire without being noticed?  It’s not possible and it’s uncomfortable to boot and all you end up doing is pinch the shit out of yourself and biting the inside of your mouth cause you can’t scream about it in public.   

But on men, I think just plain white briefs are sexy as hell  :D

7. Hired Hands is an interesting title. Would you like to share the plot for this book?

Hired Hands is probably my favorite book that I’ve written.  It’s about a blind heroine living alone on a ranch and a man who comes to tell her that he’s killed her husband.  But first, he decides to fix up the place before he confesses what he’s done.  But the more time he spends with her, the more he falls for her and the harder it is for him to come clean.

8. I enjoyed the "Quirks" section on your bio page. Tell us more about your priest/Tommy Lee Jones infatuation.

LOL.  I’ve been in love with Tommy Lee Jones since I was thirteen years old.  Not just his characters, but the man himself.  It can’t be helped.  There is no cure.  LOL  The priest thing – well, I think priests are sexy.  I believe it’s probably a mixture of the life with no sex and the idea that a priest might choose a woman over God, even for one night, that sickly appeals to me.  Don’t bother writing me hate mail, I realize I’m probably going to hell for it.

9. If you could live the life of one of your heroines, which would it be and why?

I believe I would choose Cee Leigh Farrah’s life in Storm in the Rockies.  She’s an accomplished romance writer with a stalker.  She goes up to her cabin in the mountains to find peace and falls for a local pilot.  I used to live in Colorado, and loved it.  So Storm in the Rockies is probably the story that I would most fit in. 

My second choice, however, is to be Rafferty Jones from The Pirate’s Jewel.  Rafferty Jones is a kick butt pirate woman who falls for a man hired to capture her and take her back to England where she’s to be hung.  The hero, Merrick Cole, I actually created with actor, Gabriel Byrne in mind.  So yeah, that wouldn’t be a bad life either. 

10. Where can readers find out more about Sable Grey? Is there anything you would like to share?

My website is http://www.sablegrey.com/ I’m actually in the process of revamping the whole site so very soon there will be a new and improved look.  You can see some of my cover art at http://www.sablegreydesigns.com/

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