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Q & A with Rae Monet

This month, we have with us Golden Heart Winner, Rae Monet. Come see what Rae's pulse race as we delve into the life and books of this hot author!

1. You recently won a Golden Heart in the Paranormal category. How did you feel when you learned you'd won?

I felt like it was a dream. Walking up to that podium, taking the necklace from none-other-than Sherrilyn Kenyon, I still can't believe it really happened. It was a fairy tale night I don't think I'll ever forget.

2. When I visited your site, I learned something I'd never known. You were part of the FBI. Does your training cross over into your love of writing?

I was an FBI agent, yes. Nah, I actually hated, hated, hated, doing what we call in the FBI "paper". I was writing long before I became an agent, and hope to be writing long after. But it's a different kind of writing, it's writing for enjoyment, and this I like a LOT better ;).

3. As an animal lover, I was intrigued by the wolf you adopted. Please tell us more about Little One.

Oh yes, I love Wana, my adopted wolf. You'll see Wana a lot in my books. I adopted her from http://www.wolfmountain.com/. If you get some time, please go by and check out their website. So many wolves and so much need there. Remember, extinction means forever!

4. Now on to the books... please tell us about your series, The Solarian Warriors, which has garnered fabulous reviews.

The Solarian Warrior Series books' revolve around the eradication of the wolves in 13th century England by King Edward I and the Solarians struggle to save them. The series goes in this order: The Lost Wolf Warrior, The Solarian Raven, A Viking's Vow, and moving the series into the future is Lone Wolf One, and Lone Wolf Three (coming from Red Sage in December)

5. I've just got to know. As the author of Racing Hearts, who is your favorite race car driver? (Psst....mine is Jimmy Johnson, so I've got prior dibs!) While you're at it, tell us more about this hot racing romance.

Gosh, I'd have to say Carl Edwards. I met him last year in Daytona, and he's the nicest man, oh and he isn't bad looking either ;).

The Racing Series revolves around the sport of racing cars. Ever book involves a driver ;). The first in the series is Stolen Courage, and it's a romantic suspense. An FBI agent pulls no punches when she has to protect a driver. Then onto the contemporary romance, Racing Hearts, which involves a female race car driver who has to make on the circuit, with our without her sexy Crew-Chief. Next, and the racing romance novella's, The Winner's Circle, Driving Me Insane, and Track the Heat. Hot little novella's that will heat up your cold nights ;).

6. Your latest release from LSB, Driving Me Insane, hit the cyber shelves in July. Is this story a tie-in to Racing Hearts?

Well yes, and no, Driving Me Insane actually ties into a three book novella series about three drivers/friends racing in the same series. The Winner's Circle in the first, then Driving Me Insane, and last, Track the Heat.

7. Boxers of briefs? ;)

Boxers ;)

8. You've said that you enjoy writing stories about strong women. Somehow I sense that you're such a woman. Is this true? If so, which of your heroines do you most identify with?

Yes, definitely. I hate a wimpy woman. In my world, there was never any room for simpering females. From the Air Force, the the business world, to the FBI, I've always had to hold my own.

I probably identify with Serena from The Lost Wolf Warrior the most. She was my first heroine, and simply put--she kick's ass!

9. You write in a variety of genres. Is there one you prefer?

I love paranormal, especially futuristics. I'd love to write more of those.

10. Where can readers find out more about Rae Monet? Is there anything you would like to add?

Please visit me at my website, http://raemonet.com/ . To join my news group you can go here:


Thank you so much for interviewing me!!!!

And don't forget to check out Rae's winning entry for the Golden Heart, available now at www.liquidsilverbooks.com.