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Behind the Muses is an idea I came up with when I created my first Yahoo loop. Since then, it has expanded to include eleven authors of varied publishers and genres. Each of us has taken on the identity of a Muse and the first in a three book series has just been released with Triskelion.  Get your copy of Vicarious, with stories by Beth Williamson, Karen Mandeville, and Sarah Dickson now!
Drop by Behind the Muses to learn more.

And the Muses are....
Calliope - Sable Grey
Clio - Beth Williamson
Erato - Sarah Dickson
Euterpe - Sydney Somers
Melpomene - Kara Griffin
Mnemosyne -
Celia Stuart
Polyhymnia - Sasha White
Sappho - Karen Mandeville
Terpsichore - Maggie Nash
Thalia - Christy Gissendaner
Urania - Annalee Blysse

Thalia's Muse Teaser


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