• Construction Material
  • Architectural Services
  • Construction Audits
  • Hardware and Software

Is to determine if the existing procurement process is potent enough to arrive at:

  • Best price discovery
  • Reliable vendors
  • Transparent negotiations
  • Maintain quality


  • We bring rich consulting experience, with domain consultants who understand the industry commodities, market well.
  • We also leverages best in class inhouse technology (tools/platforms) to run live negotiations


Increases efficiency, insights and significant cost savings
No added infrastructure/consulting cost
Wider network of reliable suppliers
Enhanced compliance and transparency

What can Franciscan Ventures help in procurement?
We will perform a spend analysis study to determine project viability, and scope to come up with estimated savings potential

  • Marketing & Promotion:
    Marketing Print
    Posters, Danglers
    Flex Board
    Gift Items
    8 - 10 % Savings
  • Interior, Decor
    Doors, Frames,Marble / Tiles
    Landscape/ Hardscape
    Horticulture/ Irrigation
    Kitchen Setup,Wooden Flooring
    Decorative Lighting Fixture
    Glass Works and Films
    Fans,LED Fixture
    7 - 10 % Savings
  • Others
    LCD, Monitors
    Uniforms,STP, WTP
    Road Works
    LT Panels, Porta Cabin
    Outdoor Furniture
    Waterproofing Systems
    Sanitary Items
    5 - 7 % Savings
  • RM
    Concrete Block & Bricks
    RMC,TMT/ Steel Bars
    Cement, Plumbing
    Structural Support Steel
    Water Tanks, SS & MS Plates
    PVC Pipes
    Tape Crete
    ELV & Cable work
    1 - 2 % Savings

Key benefits:

  • There is no initial cost for Procurement Service. Just pay 50% from your savings whatever we save for you from your benchmark (A standard Price against which your current cost may be compared)
  • There is no any need of changing your vendor/Supplier/Choice/Brand

How to get the Proposal:

  • Just provide a list of all items regularly purchased to us to evaluate and compare the cost with your Benchmarks
  • Proposal will be shared within 7 working days