In recent times the inflating costs of conventional and now renewable energy sources have led to a surge in thoughts to use alternative source of energy, solar Energy

NTT DATA, the collaborator of Franciscan Ventures carries global relations with providers including Top 6 Solar Energy Suppliers in India (eg. Tata Power Solar, Amplus Energy Solutions Private Ltd etc...) of Solar Energy Systems and offers tailored solutions to your requirement - ranging from

  • Few KW to multiple Mw’s
  • Lifecycle asset management
  • Multiple years' serviceability

  • Hedge against rising energy costs

  • Reliable and unlimited source of energy with versatile application

  • Green Commitment, negligible maintenance costs

  • Peak loads during daytime mostly coincides with peak solar generation

  • Institution's idle rooftop space can help in considerable income by selling excess electricity
Key benefits:
  • As the Lifespan of a Solar Panel is 25 Years so we are providing 25 year warranties and hassle free Service.
  • Applicable to Upcoming and Existing Projects of Educational Institutes, Hospitals and Institutional Real Estate
Implement Models:
  • Lease Financing:In the lease model, a customer signs a contract with an installer/developer and pays for the use of a solar system over a specified period of time
  • PPA/Opex: (Ease of payment, No upfront investment): In this model Consumers only provide the premises for the solar plant and the entire investment comes from the Solar Energy Suppliers.
  • Capex (One-time payment, More instant gains): In this model, the entire investment comes from the power consumer.
How to get the Proposal:

To come up with the proposal need permission for the following from the Management of organisation:

  • Permission to the Engineers of Solar Energy Suppliers to assess the school parameter and do an exhaustive recee..

  • Electricity Bill – last 1 year

  • Annual Electricity Consumption- units

  • Roof Pictures( As many as possible)

  • Height of Obstructions on the roof. ( Staircase Mounty height , Water Tanks Heights , etc )

  • LT Panel Location as per site and Pics of the same.

  • Distance of LT Panel from the roof.

Once it’s done, within 7 Working days we will share the Proposal.