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Q & A with Darragha Foster

This month, I caught up with Darragha Foster, LSB author and creative genius! Come see what this wacky lady gets up to as she talks whales, males, and tails.

1. First off tell us about the wild and wacky Darragha Foster. 
How did you know my real name is "WackyWild?"  I don't usually give out my real name to folks in the industry.  I've got to have some semblence of a private life.  What with fans in Puerto Rico and Bulgaria, I need all the privacy I can get.  I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't post my true name.  Please use "Darragha Foster."  It's a damned good pen name.

2. Darragha is an unsual name. Can you tell us what it means and why you chose it? Or was it chosen for you?  here
I love this song, as sung by a Pagan singer named Darragh Nagle.  As I was toying with pen names, I was listening to this song.  Added the "a" and became Darragha.  The name itself means "oak tree" in Gaelic.  The lyrics can be found here
3. The Orca King first caught my eye because of the fabulous cover art, then the blurb got my attention. Please share with us a bit about your unusual romance.

Ever stood dead-center of a pod of orca whales?  I have.  Went on a whale watching cruise and was totally blown away.  Orca are the most magnificent beasties I've ever seen (pending my sighting of the albino deer).  When we returned to our little cottage on Orcas Island, I flipped open my laptop and began to write.  That night, I literally dreamed up "The Orca King."  Such a man!
4. I was lucky enough to read Spell-Crafted for Pleasure, your part of LSB's upcoming A Witch in Time anthology. Your creativity seems to know no bounds. Where do you draw inspiration? And please feel free to tell us more about your Halloween release.

I wanted to write a story involving an Odin Stone.  While researching Odin Stones, I ran across the fact that one of the oldest dildos ever found was unearthed in Iceland.  Made of whalebone, it was pre-Viking Age.  My twisted imaginings took off from there.  Who else but Darragha Foster would come up with a story about a haunted dildo?  On my second trip to Iceland in 1997 we drove through this incredible area known as "Berserker's Lava Field."  I used the myths and legends of that place to formulate my hero and anti-hero's backstory.  The heroine, Salem Grier, is a white witch who runs an occult supplies shoppe and erotic antiquities business.  She likes baklava.  I don't think I'm going to say any more about that right now.  The baklava business is posted on the Liquid Silver Forums Over 18 section.  :)
5. You currently have a series Teaching Old Gods New Tricks available at LSB. What's the story behind this collection of tales?

The first story, Devil King of the Sixth Heaven, is my story.  I used an experience I had at the mall as the basis.  You want some craziness?  In 2003 when I was writing my first novel, "Love's Second Sight," I went to the mall to walk around and think about the "bad guy."  Who was he?  How bad was he going to be?  I'm sitting there, drinking coffee and in walks this dude.  He was all over me with his eyes.  He looked like fire.  His sexuallity beamed out from him like headlights.  I knew who he was, too.  He was my "bad guy."  I know this is crazy, but I believe the dude was Loki, of Norse Mythology.  He wanted me to make him my bad guy.  So I did.  And it worked.  It really, really worked :)

I took that briefly sensual moment and wrote a story around it.  Devil King of the Sixth Heaven.

Death Warmed Over was something I've been planning for a long time.  I used to refer to it as "The Erotic Adventures of Hel, Queen of the Underworld."  It morphed into the story it is now after my best friend moved to Taos, New Mexico.  She kept sending me postcards, etc., from Santa Fe, etc., and I was inspired to create "Hacienda Valhalla."  Hel's story is very romantic.  Every woman wants to find a man who'll love her no matter how she looks in the morning!

Devil's Food Kate came about after I had another "dream."  That, and the memory of going to Halloween pary with my mother once--and we all made naughty cookies.  My mother is quite artistic.  She made a Dolly Parton cookie.  And one of the college boys at the party made a giant dick.  I was 14 years old.  The giant penis cookie made quite an impression on me :)
6. Boxers or briefs? ;)
Ah, ha!  Boxer briefs!  Colored only.  No white.
7. When writing, you sometimes like to vacation on a certain island. Which is it and why?
 Orcas Island, Washington.
this place actually does have an Enchanted Forest Lane!
there's something about Orcas Island.  I recall my mother taking me there when I was a kid.  We went to a "vortex" of earth energies and sat in this wooden pyramid.  I've been there twice with my family now, and we love it.  Maybe the place is magic!
8. Tell us a bit about your experience with Mrs. Giggles, the reviewer who makes other authors quake in their boots. 
I love Mrs. Giggles.  I don't recall how I found her site.  Her reviews crack me up.  She really tells it like it is.  I started politely emailing her once a week until she agreed to review "The Orca King."  My "were-whale" as she calls him, maybe the most unique romance novel hero ever.  Since then she's reviewed three more of my books--and recently replied thusly when I asked her if she wanted the third in the Teaching Old Gods New Tricks series:  " I hate to sound greedy but yeah, I'd love to take a peek at the next book."  I'll take that as a compliment :)  I've been snarked really bad--and challenged the snarker to actually read my book.  She liked it.  You know, snarkers need love, too.
9. What's next for the ever-amazing Darragha?
 The Mooncusser!  The next book in my "Shadow Lover Tales" series.  Very hot.  I'm trying new things sexually in this book that I haven't even tried in real life yet!  The shopping cart sex scene, for one!

Doe Bay/In Search of Lover's Lane (working titles).  A sequal to The Orca King based upon my experience on Orcas Island in June of this year.  Everyone got to see the albino deer but me.  Every last damned family member!  Except for me.  A "Shamanic practitioner" visiting the spa the same time as we were said it might be because the deer and I share the same spirit and we can't be in the same place at the same time.  Well, that sounded like a challenge to me!  In a kind of LadyHawke-type situation, I'm running with a story idea.  Plus that, a reader suggested I write about "Mocha's child" with Ghost Father (Big Tom's orca self).  Oh, my...I'm just brimming with ideas for this novel!

Sang.  My erotic vampire novella.  Very bloody.  Very naughty.  In outlines right now.
10.  Is there anything you would like to share? Where can readers find out more about you?

I love giving stuff away.  Bookmarks, sticky note pads.  A buy-one-get-one free deal.  And I'm giving away an ebook reader!  Check out my website for details.  www.darraghafoster.com

Just wait until my readers see what I'm going to give away for my "Spell-Crafted" contest!  Whoohoo!  Stay tuned!  Don't hesitate to email me via my website contact form.  I love hearing from readers!